Plant based protein is becoming more popular recently, and we love it! There are a number of reasons why protein content could be important to people. It may be a nutritional goal, part of an exercise and diet plan, or a lifestyle choice. With so many broadly different reasons for needing plant based protein, it’s no wonder people are seeking it out in the grocery aisle.

Which plants contain the most complete proteins?

Lentils: Our Saskatchewan-grown lentils are nutritious and delicious. Each cup of cooked lentils contains 18 grams of protein, and lots of other vital nutrients. These cook down and disintegrate into your soup, and if you blend with an immersion blender, they become even more creamy in texture.

Beans: We add several different types of beans to our soups, including kidney, pink beans, and chickpeas. On average, beans provide health benefits from 12-15 grams of protein per cup. Some beans hold their shape when cooked, and others break apart to thicken the soup base. We select just the right bean mixture for each soup flavour to deliver the best nutrition, flavour, and texture in each soup. (Like our lentils, our beans are also homegrown on the Canadian Prairies!)

Split Peas: These tasty legumes are a classic ingredient in soups, and although they are not the highest in protein, they still contain 8 grams of protein per cooked cup. They also provide 16 grams of fibre in a nutrient-dense serving – so don’t neglect this healthy legume when you are planning your meals!

Rice: The combination of beans and rice is said to provide a healthy complete protein when paired with beans because the complementary essential amino acids provide nutrients similar to those found in animal protein. Several of our soups contain a combination of beans and rice, making them a great option for dieters seeking plant based proteins.

Plant Proteins for Nutrition

Diets low in carbohydrates and high in fats and protein are in favour at the moment, as health-conscious consumers follow nutritional advice to reduce carb intake for improved health. The goal is to stimulate less of an insulin response after each meal, store fewer calories as fat, and feel more satisfied between meals.

How Souptacular can help: Our soups are packed with all the nutrients you need to get started with a plant based diet, without the need for expensive protein powders. Our soups are naturally great sources of protein, including the wonderful lentil, which is the legume of choice when you need a plant source that is high in protein.

Souptacular soups are nutrient-dense, and high in fibre. This means that even the carbohydrate component of our soups functions to reduce the insulin impact of your meal, aid in digestion, and keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

If you are not cutting meat from your diet, you can add meats, including roast or cooked ground beef, chicken, turkey, ham, or any other meat you are cooking that day. Add a small amount to complement the protein already in the soup mix, or use the soup to serve up your leftover meats in a delicious new format.

If you are following a vegan diet, our soups are not only vegan, but they also provide an excellent source of plant based protein to help you stay healthy! It’s not just what we keep out of our recipes, but what we pack in there that really makes a difference in your daily life.

No matter your reason for choosing plant protein in your diet, Souptacular is a great choice to simplify your cooking, and keep you and your family healthy and satisfied.