Just Add Water


Just Add Water

NEW Hip Hiker

Adventure Soup!

Let the adventure start with these easy and healthy pocket-sized soup meals!

Feeling SOUPER adventurous?

  • use as a base
  • add additional packages to increase yield
  • add dehydrated vegetables
  • add cooked/canned meats
  • add more rice or pasta

Make sure to add more water when adding extra packets and ingredients.

The Hip Hiker allows you to optimize your nutrition, water, and fuel, giving you more time to enjoy the adventure.

Five Can Dine For $7.99

Cost Effective Meal Options

Provide your family with a satisfying serving of soup that has lots of protein and other good nutrients. This Hearty Corn and Black Bean recipe expands the basic Souptacular Traditional Bean Soup to feed a family of five with leftovers for two lunches!  

Instant Pot Adventures
Instant Pot Instructions

Use Your Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot and other pressure cookers are convenient ways to cook your soup quickly. We usually use:

8-10 cups water or liquid
Soup/Broth button

Souptacular soups usually take 25-30 minutes in the pressure cooker.

Always refer to your appliance instructions for detailed instructions about settings, times, and safe handling.


Our famous recipe is “just add water!” But you can do so much more.


Souptacular works in many diet plans. Review nutritional information.


Find Souptacular in many retail locations! Available across Alberta.

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Personalize your order. You choose. Stock up on your favourite flavours!

Why Souptacular?

It’s not just soup – It’s an experience!

Souptacular provides healthy and delicious soups to our Soup-er Fans across Canada. Our flavours are family-friendly, easy to customize, and economical.  With a pantry stocked with Souptacular, you can always add a nutritious soup course to your meal.  

When you choose Souptacular, you make it easy to create healthy meals for yourself and your family.  Our soups serve 8 cups, and any extra soup can be frozen for a Soup-er easy work lunch or side dish. 

Chefs of all skill levels can create warm and satisfying meals by following the simple directions on the package: “Just Add Water!”

Alberta Blue Cross


In 2017, we purchased Souptacular soup mixes for our employees as a corporate appreciation gift. Our key criteria when looking for employee gift items is that they are made in Alberta….

Easy Soup Recipe

Just Add Water!

Stove Top: Add Souptacular mix and included seasoning to 8-10 cups water or low-sodium broth. Partially cover and gently boil for 2 hours.

Crockpot: Use 8 cups of water or low-sodium broth and cook on medium or high for 6-8 hours. All crockpots vary in temperature. The longer the soup cooks, the better it gets!

If Desired: When soup is almost cooked, add fresh market vegetables and meats such as fried ground Alberta beef or bison, leftover chicken or turkey, ham, bacon or sausage.


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