You asked for it: Weight Watchers points for Souptacular Soups!

Many of us are starting the new year resolved to be healthier, have more energy, and lose some weight. If that is you, I have some great numbers to share!


1 Cooked Cup = Aproximately 120 Calories

  • Autumn Harvest: 4 points
  • Tandoori Hot Pot: 3 points
  • Lentil Lovers: 4 points
  • Traditional Bean: 4 points
  • Peas & Barley: 3 points

How did we arrive at these numbers? A good friend has the Weight Watchers pocket calculator. She used our nutritional labels, and arrived at these terrific numbers! Use these numbers, and share them with your friends who use the Weight Watchers points program.

If you don’t use the points program, these numbers can still work for you: just remember that one cup of Souptacular soup is a low calorie, high fibre, and high nutrition way to supplement your New Year’s Resolution. We wish you all the best with your personal health goals!