With a recent expansion of our production area, Souptacular is pleased to acccept fundraising partnerships for your school programs and other needs.

We are very excited to offer a healthy, kid- friendly food product that families will truly enjoy.

(Currently available in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss your needs.)


Here’s how we get the ball rolling:

  • Phone or email us to schedule your fundraising term.
  • Download the fundraising form off website (in the main menu under Shop).
  • Distribute fundraising form to parents committee, teachers, students, and parents so they can review soup selections and place orders.
  • Collect your forms and monies.
  • Email or phone in your totals.
  • Allow 2-4 weeks for processing your order.
  • Pick up at our shop in St. Albert (or delivery can be arranged), and deliver to your customers.
  • … Profit!

We thank you and advance for considering Souptacular! As your fundraising partner, we are very proud to produce a healthy food product, made locally.

It has always been our passion to share this healthy, easy-to-make soup with other families. But when we can use this product to support the needs of schools – and thus our communities – that’s what we call a “win-win” or rather, the “crackers in the soup”!

Wishing you a healthy and successful fundraising campaign!