Christmas2014Dear Soup-er Fans,

As we wish you a Merry Christmas this year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on 14 years of success with you, our supportive friends and fans, behind us all the way. I have a heart-warming story to share with you this season.

Before I get to the story, let me say that we are very humbled to be in ALL Alberta “Save On Foods” with other wonderful local Alberta products. Many of you in Alberta and in B.C. have recognized the large poster of Maureen in the Eat Local sections of your Save-On Foods and Overwaitea grocery stores. We have appreciated the support from Save On Foods, and your wonderful support of local products.

This year, we were recognized in Edmontons Top Tomato magazine among the top 100 list of Best Eats in the Edmonton area. Shortly after that, we were short-listed in the Yeggies category Best in Business! Thank you Soup friends to all who voted for us! What a nice surprise!

Although these successes were wonderful, I’d like to share another success of the type you don’t usually read about in the newspaper.

The Story: “The Culinary Student and His Grandmother”

It started as a great conversation with one of our Soup-er Fans at the recent Butterdome Craft Show in Edmonton. One of my regulars (and a newsletter subscriber) was telling me that “every year I buy this for my grandson for Christmas.” I hear this often, as our Soup-er customers LOVE to share Souptacular with their friends and family. But what she told me next captured our heartfelt goal at Souptacular.

Growing up, our customer’s grandson had never learned even basic cooking skills. She laughed that “he never even learned to cook Kraft Dinner!” Rather than cook, he would eat out, make sandwiches, or use frozen microwaveable dinners. Unfortunately, it is our reality that many of our children have no clue how to cook from scratch!

When the young man was accepted into university, his grandmother wanted to set him up with a crockpot and a supply of Souptacular soups. She visited his apartment and showed him how to use the soups in the slow cooker. He caught on quickly, and would call her to ask if he can add vegetables and to confirm whether chicken would make a good addition.

Before long, our university student (and now culinary student!) was cooking chicken just so that he could add it into the soup, to stretch it out and freeze for lunches. He didn’t have much income, so this was a nutritious money-saver!

What was most interesting is her final comment. She said that Souptacular taught her grandson to cook. It was a vehicle that inspired him to build and add to the soup. She said that if our product had a recipe that needed to be followed, he never would have taken the time. He was allowed the freedom to add what he liked!

On her 4th year picking up soup for her grandson, who has now graduated, I was left feeling the truth of our slogan:

“It’s not just soup…… It’s an experience!”

Thank you to ALL of you who have shared Souptacular! Whether it was used to help someone learn to cook, or to help feed a family, or just as a lovely stocking stuffer, many may appreciate it in different ways! Thank you for sharing the possible experiences offered by our product… and for giving us the wonderful experience of sharing our love of cooking with all of you!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

Warm regards
Maureen, Al and boys