Our Soup-er friend Gloria is a life member of Weight Watchers. She wrote to us recently and said that she often mentions Souptacular as a healthy diet alternative to curb hunger after a meal. “For me, if I need something to eat after dinner, I have a cup of this soup and it satisfies me,” she wrote.

We wanted to know more about Gloria’s experience with Souptacular, and she sent us these tips for combining Souptacular and Weight Watchers:

How to use Souptacular in your Weight Watchers plan:

I make a batch in my slow cooker, then portion it out into 1 cup containers. It freezes well, so I always have it on hand. When I feel the need for something in the evening, I have a cup of this soup and it completely satisfies me. Nutritional Value for the soup is either 3 or 4 points plus for 1/8th of the pkg. I usually get 10 cups from 1 pkg as I add 10 cups water, and also left over vegetables (if on hand)and/or chicken or beef. Adding the extra vegetables doesn’t increase the points but the meat could be an additional point depending on how much you put in.

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Compare Souptacular with other store brands:

Many of the residents in my apartment like it also so I’ve put them on to Save-On-Foods or the farmer’s markets. The salt content is so much less than the store bought soups and us seniors can do with less salt. I like the soups, all of them. You can doctor it up to your liking, very filling, very healthy and very satisfying. How to stay off munchies and soup your way to weight loss – Souptacular.

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We give a huge THANK YOU to Gloria for mentioning Souptacular in her Weight Watchers group! We are so glad that it helps you and others in that program to achieve their goals. It means so much to us to have such warm and thoughtful Soup-er fans who are willing to share their information with friends and with other Soup-er fans.


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