Souptacular fan Gordon Goodrich wrote us a brief note saying, “the soup I have going tonite may be legendary.”

Thank goodness he wrote back a short while later, because you can’t just keep us hanging like that!  Gord worked on this recipe while he was watching the Olympics. We agree that it is an epic soup, and we hope you will follow his example and become inspired to achieve greatness in the kitchen as you marvel at the feats of physical prowess at the Olympics!

Gord takes us through his recipe with this play-by-play:

Here goes:

  • 2 boxes of turkey stock (Home Basics I found in Sobeys which was
  • surprising having not run into turkey stock for years)
  • Tandoori Hot Pot soup mix from SOUPTACULAR and I doubled the seasoning.

I set the crock pot to HIGH.  I started that off and went back to the Olympics.

4 hours later I went in to clean the fridge out … and added:

  • half a ham (like one of those Black Forest hams) chopped into 1 inch pieces
  • 3 stalks of very old celery
  • a couple of frozen potatoes

For some extra zip, I tossed in two cups of ancient spaghetti sauce.  This was around the 4 hour mark of cooking. I let the recent ingredients cook on HIGH for 2 more hours.

The result:

I had 3 bowls. The soup was hearty without being like a stew which happens when I overdo the quantity of meat, vegetables, etc. AND the bean stock was just slightly undercooked which I enjoyed since those beans were not
too mushy. Can’t stand a mushy bean!

That’s it. I remain a Souptacular fan and advocate.

Stettler, Alberta

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