yeggiesLast Friday, I attended the Yeggies awards on behalf of Souptacular. My name is Liz, and I am the website and social media manager for Souptacular.  We were nominated in the Best in Business category for our use of social media in communicating with you, our soup-er fans! We won’t keep you wondering… we didn’t win the prize, but our good friends Acme Meat Market, a Souptacular partner, won for their consistently strong use of new media in getting their message out.

We are so happy that Acme won, and we think they deserve to be recognized! We are also STILL glowing with happiness that we are listed with such strong contenders in the business category. You can view all the nominees on the Yeggies website.

Since this was our first award event, I thought you might like to see what it was like. I got a few photos, and you can find more by searching Twitter for “yeggies.”

IMG_4109The event took place at Avenue Theatre, which was appointed with red carpet and a media wall.  Newly arrived guests would have their photo taken by a photographer in front of that wall, feeling the same thrill that an Oscar nominee must feel walking the red carpet surrounded by photographers and adoring fans.  I took a photo of the photographer.

Nominees were invited to announce their twitter handles and hashtags on name tags, and then help themselves to a refreshment.  The bartenders were in good spirits, and I caught them in this adorable pose.


After scoping out the venue, I headed into the seating area to choose the best seat in the house. I was immediately side-tracked by the friendly serving ladies from Elm Café, who offered six different delicious canapés.  My favourite: their grilled lamb sandwich – truly a masterpiece of a grilled sandwich… which would taste great accompanied with Mulligatawny Soup! Mmmm, soup tangent.


When the event began, there was music, comedy, and a good time had by all. Each category seemed to have several strong contenders, and fans willing to shout their appreciation during the announcement of nominees. When Souptacular was listed in the Best in Business category, someone shouted “SOUP!” at the top of her voice. To this day, no one knows who! Soup-er fan, we appreciate you.

Thanks to The Yeggies committee for listing us in the Best in Business category. Thanks also to you, our soup-er fans, who keep us energized in our quest to provide interesting social media content. It was a fun-filled night, and we hope to do it again… maybe next year? What do you think? Are we BEST IN BUSINESS? 🙂

By Liz Medwid