GrasshopperLabelSMWe are so glad we got your attention!

Our family wanted this quote, from the inside of your label, to be memorable, AND to emphasize the importance of inspecting your legume mix.

Important story below:

Lentils grow very close to the ground, and therefore you must inspect your soup mix for things like pieces of mud, small sticks and small rocks.

Here’s something to think about:

Al and I absolutely LOVE Indian cuisine! We recently visited the west Edmonton New Asian Village for their buffet. I had some of their lovely dahl (lentil) mixture and dove in for a bite. I bit into a large pebble! Actually you would class it as a ROCK as it was larger than a small pebble!  I didn’t break a tooth but certainly bit hard and felt the pain in my jaw.  I spit it out and gave it to the waiter, explaining it was in the dahl dish. To my surprise he was NOT surprised!  He did not return to the table to apologize  – or take my dinner off the bill, but took the rock and left. What made me most angry is this LACK of surprise. If they took the precautions needed in the inspection of lentils, he would have been greatly surprised!  They do NOT inspect their lentils.  This rock was large enough to have been VERY noticeable if even being poured slowly into a dish or pot.

We take this very seriously at Souptacular!

photo-4Ninety percent of our lentils come from Saskatchewan, where they are processed through a seed cleaning facility, packaged in 50 or 100 pound sacks, and then sent to us. When the product arrives, we inspect it again!  We pour the lentils into strainers and by hand, smooth out, and sort through every section of these lentils, looking for these common pebbles and field debris. Once we are satisfied with this second level of cleaning, we make our mixes and re-package for OUR customers.  It is very important to us to prevent this happening to you!

Many comment that our product is so clean – we wouldn’t have it any other way!  And another thing we can promise you is that when you are inspecting your mix, you will never find grasshopper bones!  Actually, grasshoppers don’t even have bones!  We were just trying to get your attention.

But please still take the time to inspect your legume mix.

Warmest Regards,
Maureen, Al and boys