Whew! Thankful for strong men!
Now FINALLY I can say truthfully……
“Davis, you are full of beans”!!

Starting September 1, it’s Birthday Month for Souptacular! Our family business is celebrating its 17 th year!

We started bringing Souptacular to the Grandin Mall, Indoor Farmers Market (St.Albert), our boys in tow when Ryley was 7, Davis (above) 5 and li’l Vaughn was not quite 1.

Well, lots has changed since then, like the boys growing up! and a few grey hairs for me (Maureen) and NO hair for Al!!:). Lol….. but one thing that has always kept us inspired has been all the wonderful friendships we have made through Souptacular! The wide range of topics that have been covered ALL started with SOUP! How funny!! We truly think you are all wonderful and value ALL of these Soup-inspired friendships! 🙂

For the next 5 Saturdays through the St. Albert Farmers Market we will run a FIRST time ever and largest special!

“10 souptacular soups for $40.00” !!

Our “thank you” to you all!

We are located, as always, booth # 164 on St.Thomas Street. Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone for your wonderful support our our small ‘family run’ soup company:) It’s been “SOUP-er fun,” ( sorry….you know I had too.) 🙂