Souptacular loves kids in the kitchen!

Here is one of many of our smallest ‘Souptacular chefs’ cooking the ‘Traditional Bean’ soup.

Souptacular is a wonderful product to introduce little ones to cooking!

Measuring, stirring and adding their favorite veggies, macaroni, and meats too, will allow children to build on a low in sodium soup base BUT the way THEY want it! 🙂

Allowing our children to play an active role in lunchtime or dinnertime prep will help to create good long term healthy routines!

Happy back to school days and enjoy your

Souptacular at College

College student Bryanne stocked up as she loves that they are vegetarian, and easy to throw into her slowcooker before she leaves for class in the morning at Grant McEwan. This is economical but healthy food that is easy to make…. oh, and great to share with her roommates!

Our Soup-er Birthday special is available for you and your college student every Saturday at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market until October 7.

Souptacular is located by Le Crema Cafe from 10am – 3pm, on St.Thomas street.
Your Local St. Albert Family-Run Soup Company since 2001!