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From Our Soup-er Customers

Vegetarian Living in the Far North

My husband owns a chain of restaurants, and he loves Souptacular soup. When I fly home to Edmonton to visit family, I fill my suitcase full of your soup so we can enjoy it all the way up here. Being a vegetarian in the far north can be a major problem, as the cost of fresh produce is crazy.

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Souptacular and Weight Watchers

How to use Souptacular in your Weight Watchers plan: I make a batch in my slow cooker, then portion it out into 1 cup containers. It freezes well, so I always have it on hand. When I feel the need for something in the evening, I have a cup of this soup and it completely satisfies me.

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Almost Tajine Soup by Jen Milroy

Our family loves Souptacular soups for many reasons: the first is of course how delicious they are. As a busy Mom, I appreciate being able to get a soup in the crock-pot and have supper ready when I get home. Plus they are a healthy choice for my family.

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What Our Customers Say


“I’m addicted to mulligatnawy….like for real, I add chicken and coconut milk as suggested by owner.” Lisa Simon

“It’s delicious.”

“Never disappointed…crockpot or stovetop it’s delicious!” Liz Sharma

So satisfying.

“If I could only eat Souptacular for the rest of my life, I’d be OK with that.” Laura Lichen

“Sooooooo good!”

“Bought 3 soups at the market yesterday, tried Autumn Harvest today…..OMG, sooooooo good! Highly recommended!” Dianne Pagonis


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