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From Our Soup-er Customers

Alberta Blue Cross Corporate Gift Success

In 2017, we purchased Souptacular soup mixes for our employees as a corporate appreciation gift. Our key criteria when looking for employee gift items is that they are made in Alberta. As an Alberta-based organization, we like to support local business.

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Victoria Yoga Instructor meets Souptacular

For the tandoori soup, we add more curry or have some hot sauce to add at the table. We have different taste buds at our home. So even though we have had the “same” soups for so many years, we can make them seem new and different or just feel comfortable with the original flavours.

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Vegetarian Living in the Far North

My husband owns a chain of restaurants, and he loves Souptacular soup. When I fly home to Edmonton to visit family, I fill my suitcase full of your soup so we can enjoy it all the way up here. Being a vegetarian in the far north can be a major problem, as the cost of fresh produce is crazy.

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What Our Customers Say


“I’m addicted to mulligatnawy….like for real, I add chicken and coconut milk as suggested by owner.” Lisa Simon

“It’s delicious.”

“Never disappointed…crockpot or stovetop it’s delicious!” Liz Sharma

So satisfying.

“If I could only eat Souptacular for the rest of my life, I’d be OK with that.” Laura Lichen

“Sooooooo good!”

“Bought 3 soups at the market yesterday, tried Autumn Harvest today…..OMG, sooooooo good! Highly recommended!” Dianne Pagonis


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