Hello Soup-er friends!

First, we want to truly thank you for staying connected! Seeing you at the markets, participating on social media and through our monthly newsletter, you are always there with your tremendous support!

We LOVE your brilliant recipes, shortcuts and family stories! They truly make our job so very rewarding and fun.

davismarketThank you also for welcoming Davis to the St.Albert outdoor market for the past two seasons! Our “boys” are growing up, and now each have an important place in our Souptacular tradition. It is hard to believe we are on our 16th year with our family business! Wow, time flies!

We appreciate the support of LOCAL business, and we too shop and think in the same way. I think we are so fortunate to have so many strong and healthy businesses to connect with. Through our farmers markets and local small businesses, they are always available to us! We just have to remind ourselves to start with local.

Like most people, when you find a special product or company, you want to share that with others! We love to do the same! We particularly need to thank a few places in St.Albert, especially the Grapevine Deli, which is also a family business. They have a wide variety of wonderful foods and promote our St.Albert business continually. Sandyview Farms at the Enjoy Centre also go above and beyond promoting local. Thank you to these great local businesses!

Mostly we want to encourage you to enjoy the holidays, reflect, re-group, and keep things simple, even when it feels impossible to do so. 🙂

And just to remind you….

Holiday Tips!

Do not forget to save the ham bone for the split pea soup. Save the turkey carcass and bones for the Christmas Spirit soup.

Buy someone in your family a slow cooker, and add a couple pouches of Souptacular into it! University kids love this tip!

And keep your slow cooker on top of your counter – and USE it – for the entire holiday season!  It will give you a break!

From our family to yours,
Wishing you all a warm and healthy holiday season!


Ryley, Maureen, Al, Vaughn and Davis