Nutrition is an important consideration for us, and we want to help our customers learn more about the impact of healthy grains on health and lifestyle.  Not only that, we know how important it is to provide healthy alternatives in a form that is both delicious and convenient for everyone – no matter your taste or experience as a chef.

That’s why we want to share this comment from Amanda Hall, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, who recently placed an order on behalf of a group of dietitians. Amanda explained that her group “regularly talks about how awesome, convenient and delicious Souptacular is.” We value the feedback, and want to share this with our Soup-er Fans as well! Amanda went on to say:

I think Souptacular makes including legumes in the diet very approachable for the average person. Especially dried legumes! We often encourage our patients to include beans and lentils in their diet, but people are often intimidated by how to use them. This is such a friendly and easy way to do that! I think it’s great that Souptacular has no added sodium, is high in fibre and a lean source of protein. And I love that they are so adaptable! I love being able to add extra veggies or throw together a quick salad and instantly Souptacular becomes a full balanced meal! It’s even better that I can throw this in my slowcooker in the morning, and come home after work to a delicious warm and healthy meal. Thanks for making such a wonderful product =)

Thank you for your support, Amanda!

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