Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, Soup-er Fans!

Since we posted our first video showing that Five Can Dine for $7.99, we have had a couple of positive comments from Soup-er fans. We’d like to share the love for Valentine’s Day!

Annemarie, a friend of Souptacular, wrote us to say:

After watching the Souptacular video “Five can dine for $7.99”, I decided to try the Hearty Corn and Black Bean soup featured in the video. I made a few substitutions. I used the Christmas Spirit soup and I also took Maureen’s suggestion on the video and used a leek instead of an onion. I also added about 1/2 cup of salsa after cooking to give it a little kick.

The soup was absolutely delicious. Very hearty and tasty. In my husband’s bowl, I added some leftover taco seasoned ground beef and it made the meal more like a stew. Very filling, delicious and economical too. What I love about Souptacular soups is that they are delicious on their own and you can also be creative and add other ingredients to make something new and different. Thank you, Maureen, for the new great soup idea!

Annemarie sent us a picture of her completed soup, which looks delicious! Thanks for letting us know what worked for you, and sharing your experience! 🙂


Delicious Economical Soup

View our new recipe video to make this soup!


We had a lovely comment from Monica of Labrador, Canada, who recently created with a soup she had stored in her pantry… and was happy with the results! 🙂

Hi! Just wanted to mention that I bought your Peas & Barley soup at the Butterdome Craft sale in May of this year. I finally got around to making it yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! I came home to a house filled with the wonderful smell of home cooked soup. Both my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to try another one of your soups. I will be ordering more as well! Plus I’ve posted your website on my FB page. Going to tell everyone here in Labrador (where it is VERY cold at the moment (-35)) about your wonderful product. Signed … a VERY HAPPY customer!

Thanks very much, Monica! We are always happy to hear that our soups helped bring warmth, especially in a cold climate!

To all our Soup-er fans, we wish you a happy – and VERY WARM – Valentine’s Day. Share a cup of soup, cuddle in close, and … enjoy! 🙂