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Easy Soup Recipe

Just Add Water!

Stove Top: Add Souptacular mix and included seasoning to 8-10 cups water or low-sodium broth. Partially cover and gently boil for 2 hours.

Crockpot: Use 8 cups of water or low-sodium broth and cook on medium or high for 6-8 hours. All crockpots vary in temperature. The longer the soup cooks, the better it gets!

If Desired: When soup is almost cooked, add fresh market vegetables and meats such as fried ground Alberta beef or bison, leftover chicken or turkey, ham, bacon or sausage.

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Recipe Ideas from Soup-er Customers

Tandoori Hot Pot Recipes

Try Gord’s Olympic Tandoori Hot Pot

Try Gord’s Olympic Tandoori Hot Pot

Souptacular fan Gordon Goodrich wrote us a brief note saying, "the soup I have going tonite may be legendary." Thank goodness he wrote back a short while later, because you can't just keep us hanging like that!  Gord worked on this recipe while he was watching the...

Autumn Harvest Recipes

Changing to Vegetarian and Vegan Soup

Changing to Vegetarian and Vegan Soup

Why I love Souptacular so much! We just got this awesome vegan recipe and testimonial from Kirsten R, and we wanted to share this with our soup-er fans. We know you are all health conscious, especially at this time of year, so this tip is great! Especially if you are...

Traditional Bean Recipes

Camping with Souptacular: Plan B!

We recently headed out to Northern Alberta for our first camping/fishing trip of the season! We went out fishing, and didn’t catch a thing, so here, we have our crockpot ready for Traditional Bean Soup (otherwise known as “plan B” for dinner.)

Peas & Barley Recipes

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Christmas Spirit Recipes

Christmas Spirit with Spicy Sausage by Kirsten Reimer

Christmas Spirit with Spicy Sausage by Kirsten Reimer

Here is a recipe we think you'll want to try, sent to us by our Souptacular fan, Kirsten Reimer. I absolutely love your Christmas Spirit soup and may have found the most delicious recipe ever! 1 lb spicy sausage (without casing) 3 large potatoes diced 2 carrots...

Mulligatawny Recipes

Mulligatawney with Chicken by Bonnie Miller

Mulligatawney with Chicken by Bonnie Miller

From Bonnie Miller: Cook this Souptacular packet according to the directions on the label. In the last 20minutes of cooking add: 2 diced potatoes 2 carrots 1 onion 1-19oz can diced tomatos 1 pound fried ground chicken Great flavor!! Thanks again to Bonnie for this...


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