Our customers are having a great time with their Instant Pots and Souptacular, so we just had to share these great stories! And don’t forget, Souptacular works great in the crock pot and in the pressure cooker, so give it a try for an easy and nutritious meal this season.


Tanya’s Instant Pot Adventure

Hello, I was at the spring Butterdome Craft Sale on Saturday May 6 and I met you at your booth. I bought four of your soups – 2 mulligatawny, 1 tandoori and 1 pea soup. I made the mulligatawny tonight for supper in my Instant Pot – and it is absolutely fantastic! Both me and my husband love the soup and I love the fact that it is low in sodium as I have high blood pressure. It is so easy to make and so flavourful. I used 6 cups of water and 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth and didn’t add anything else – I threw it on high for 6 hours and it turned out brilliantly. My husband is already having seconds. I know for a fact that your soup will be a weekly dinner for us from now on. It was so lovely being able to chat with you and hopefully I will see you soon, maybe at the St. Albert market. Thanks again!


Bobbi’s Instant Pot Adventure

What I did was chop 1/2 an onion, and set to sauce in the Instapot with a touch of water. While that was started, I cut up 1/2 a package of bacon (mine was frozen) and threw it in with the onions for a couple minutes. Then, I tossed in the chicken stocks and 8 cups of water. The Souptacular soup and spice packages and then tossed in the chicken thighs (again, mine were frozen). Stirred it all up and then set the Instant Pot to manual > high pressure for 35 minutes and then QR any remaining pressure.

This turned out really well and was a big hit. I would add more veggies (definitely carrots) and add a little salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Thank you Soup-er Fans for your amazing Instant Pot stories and recipes! If you have a recipe and a method you want to share, please send it to us on Facebook or by email. You guys rock!