Here is a great recipe using duck broth! If you don’t have duck broth, use what you have (chicken, turkey, vegetable), but take this as your reminder to be creative with your soup recipes… and send them to us! 🙂

Soup-er Fan Barb Cameron sent us this great recipe:

I just thought I would tell you about the soup we had for lunch. We used your Autumn Harvest.  I had duck stock in the freezer.  I chopped up a bit of carrot, onion and celery and put that in along with some red pepper flakes.  When it was cooked, I added some diced zucchini and cooked until it was done.  I am really finding zucchini adds a lot to soups.  Abby taught me that.  It was delicious.  I would put it on your site, but who has duck stock?

Ha ha, we LOVE your recipe, Barb! I’m sure duck stock changes the flavour quite a bit… but if people don’t have it, they can use a substitute.

If you have a great recipe to share, please send it!

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