Margaret of Viking, Alberta sent us this recipe for using leftovers of a traditional Alberta meal, such as a festive dinner at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, that included cabbage rolls. It’s a great modification of Souptacular’s Autumn Harvest soup. We just had to share it with you!

Before we get started, a word about the cabbage roll: did you know that the cabbage roll is a popular menu item in many different cultures? You can find variations in Poland, the Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Egypt! At some point, every chef must realize that cabbage leaves are delicious rolled with a rice and/or meat stuffing inside.

Cabbage rolls are commonly stuffed with a combination of rice and beef or pork, but other recipes may call for even more meat (no rice), buckwheat, corn, potatoes, or minced pepper, and they could be cooked in tomato sauce, sour cream, mushroom sauce, gravy, or lingonberry jam. So many variations!

People often make their own cabbage rolls – sometimes in groups – in order to preserve the family tradition and use a family recipe. You may end up with lots of leftover cabbage rolls, and even though you share them out – so many cabbage rolls! Here is what Margaret told us to do with leftover cabbage rolls:

Autumn Harvest Soup Pouch

Margaret says,

I always buy the Autumn Harvest at Easter as it is amazing with my leftover turkey broth and chunks. This time I had about 10 cabbage rolls from our Easter dinner that needed to be used up. I cooked the Autumn Harvest with a no-salt turkey broth. Here’s how I finished it:

In the last 1/2 hour of remaining cooking time, add:

finely chopped cabbage rolls
1 cup of chunked -up turkey
1/2 cup of salsa
1/2 cup of sauerkraut

It was absolutely wonderful, with absolutely no effort. I LOVE your soup!

Thanks a million, Margaret!