Earlier in the year, one of our Soup-er fans, Cheryl-Ann McMurray, won a pair of Butterdome tickets. She replied that Souptacular had helped her during her journey with cancer, and let us know that she is participating with the Underwear Affair to raise awareness and funds for cancers “below the belt.” We know you will be interested in Cheryl-Ann’s story. Cheryl-Ann writes:

“Since I found Souptacular soups so many years ago, they have been a staple in my pantry. When I was sick, I made several batches of soup and kept them frozen for meals. There were many nights I would come home from work and go straight to bed, which left my husband and son to fend for themselves. The various batches of soup were like gold to them, since neither of them wanted to cook.

I had sarcoma cell cancer of the bladder, and required extensive surgery. I remember in the hospital, I was so excited to have lime Jello, but when I got home, instead of Thanksgiving dinner, we had a pot of Autumn Harvest soup. I was so thankful to be home with my family after my surgery. For weeks, I had the great flavors of Souptacular soups with some turkey, chicken, vegetable stock, and all the vegetables I could add. How I had missed eating! It seemed that I had had a liquid diet for so long, soup tasted like heaven.

TeamGreenDropAs the year passed I was determined to make up for all the time I had lost being sick. One of the ways I knew to give back was to walk in the Underwear Affair. In 2012 I did the 5 km walk, and was the first survivor to cross the finish line in 43 minutes! It felt so good to walk for myself, family members, and several others I had lost due to cancers below the waist. My energy was contagious, and in 2013, I was joined by several friends of my kids to do the walk. We formed Team Green Drop Drops Cancer, and adopted the colour green to represent life.

I want to continue to support others in their struggle with cancer. Please donate: don’t be shy – it’s about giving these devastating cancers some exposure and shedding light on their cures. Please help me in my effort to raise money for care and research for cancers “down there!””

We support you Cheryl-Ann! Souptacular knows how hard your illness was on you, and we are glad our soup gave you support and comfort.

Now, it’s time to show your support, Soup-er Fans! Show Cheryl-Ann some of your Soup-er love! Donate to her Underwear Affair TODAY.

Souptacular donated $50 to Cheryl-Ann’s Underwear Affair!

Funding Achieved: $300
Cheryl-Ann’s Personal Goal: $300 (YAY!!!)
Green Drop Team Goal: $2000

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