Hi there! This is Maureen from Souptacular Soup Company.

This is a busy season for me with Souptacular, BUT I am also working on a recipe book to complement Souptacular products. I am asking my special customers (YOU) to submit their tricks, add-ons, gourmet ideas or not so gourmet, etc. I am accepting ALL ideas and this does NOT need to be formal! 🙂

I will also include these recipes and ask for comments on what is so unique about Souptacular within the marketplace. We want to know what you enjoy most about our soup!

I will Facebook these recipe ideas so that Soup-er fans can offer feedback. My goal is to provide a collection of soup recipes that gives our fans a wide range of easy and healthy choices, so you can continue to eat healthy while having access to a variety of unique, tasty, and interesting menu options.


So here is my big question:

Why do you like Souptacular AND what do you add to customize your soup?


I will write down your email address, and include a free Christmas Spirit soup in your next online order as a Thank You!

Send Your Recipes Right Now!

Or email your recipe ideas to recipe@souptacular.com.

I appreciate this very much!

Warm regards