At Souptacular, we like our fundraising like we like our soups: simple, convenient, and full of nutrition. That’s why we have developed our Fundraising Program to help you meet your school’s or organization’s goals!

We have tried to differentiate our program from others in a few ways, such as:

1.  We service local schools and organizations so that we can provide fast turn-around and free delivery (within our delivery area).

2. We provide a flexible profit plan, with a generous suggested profit. This allows you to set the price based on your organizational needs.

3. We keep an organized fundraising schedule to ensure that each fundraiser has the attention it needs to succeed.

4. We offer an incentive program for teachers (and other fundraising assistants, according to your organization) to encourage partnership in your fundraising effort.

Apple Schools Healthy Fundraising OptionIn addition, Souptacular soups are good products for a fundraising campaign because:

1. Our recipes have a wide appeal to individuals and families who are interested in healthy convenient dietary solutions.

2. Souptacular is available in Save-On-Foods throughout Alberta, and has strong product recognition.

3. Our soups work very well as pantry items that your members can purchase now, without feeling that they have to use the product immediately.

Get Started With Your Fundraising!

And finally, we want you to know that even if your needs are different, we are eager to work with you to help develop a fundraiser that will work with YOUR organizational structure and needs.

Have a fundraising question? Contact us today!

Have a fundraising question? Contact us today!