Same Great Soup!

Whew and what a year it was!
Thank you everyone for your support and going through all the different packaging changes with Souptacular as we continue to grow. We really have appreciated your feedback, and we truly took it all in!

We didn’t take this step lightly.

It was important to us that we reflected hard-working farmers with this product. Therefore the plowed field and the grain elevator were a must!

Did you know that many grain elevators in Saskatchewan have already been demolished? They are simply too expensive to repair. So sad.

So capturing this prairie symbol was important in planning for this packaging! We hope you like it!

Thanks for being a big part of Souptacular!

We think you are ALL ……….
SOUP-er (ofcourse:)

p.s. To our Soup-er Fans, our next draw for 6 Free Soup takes place soon, so subscribe now, and pass it on!