Here is a recipe we think you’ll want to try, sent to us by our Souptacular fan, Kirsten Reimer.

I absolutely love your Christmas Spirit soup and may have found the most delicious recipe ever!

1 lb spicy sausage (without casing)
3 large potatoes diced
2 carrots chopped
2 celery stalks chopped
2 handfuls of kale
1 pkg Christmas Spirit soup (or Autumn Harvest)

Cook the soup as instructed. In the last hour of cooking add cooked sausage, potatoes, carrots, and celery. Simmer for 5 minutes. Before serving add kale and stir. Serve.

It is so delicious.
My favourite meal by far!!

Keep making soups because I LOVE THEM!


We’ll keep making the soups, Kirsten, and we hope you’ll keep creating hearty and delicious meals with them!

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