Fundraise with Souptacular today!


With a recent expansion of our production area, Souptacular is pleased to accept fundraising partnerships for your school programs and other needs.

ChooseMostOftenOur fundraising menu meets the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth (ANGCY) and falls in the “Choose Most Often” Category.

We are very excited to offer a healthy, kid- friendly food product that families will truly enjoy.  

(Currently available in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss your needs.)


Here’s how we get the ball rolling:

  • Phone or email us to schedule your fundraising term.
  • Download the order form to distribute to your customers.

Download The NEW Order Form Here!

  •  Distribute fundraising form to parents committee, teachers, students, and parents so they can review soup selections and place orders.
  • Collect your forms and monies.
  • Email or phone in your totals.
  • Allow 2 weeks for processing your order.
  • Pick up at our shop in St. Albert (or delivery can be arranged), and deliver to your customers.
  • … Profit!

Need more help promoting your fundraiser? We have that covered too!


Teacher Incentive Program*

To help you get the most from your fundraising effort, we offer the Teacher Incentive Program.* In short, the teacher whose class generates the largest total sales will be rewarded 6 free Souptacular soups!  To make your job easier, we have developed a letter explaining the fundraising initiative and providing the incentive to promote your cause in the classroom. Simply download, make copies, and distribute to your teaching staff!

Download The Teacher Incentive Letter

*  School activates the teacher incentive program when it sells 50 or more soups.

We thank you and advance for considering Souptacular! As your fundraising partner, we are very proud to produce a healthy food product, made locally.

It has always been our passion to share this healthy, easy-to-make soup with other families. But when we can use this product to support the needs of schools – and thus our communities – that’s what we call a “win-win” or rather, the “crackers in the soup”!

Wishing you a healthy and successful fundraising campaign!