Autumn Harvest Cabbage Roll Soup!

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Autumn Harvest Cabbage Roll Soup!

Margaret of Viking, Alberta sent us this recipe for using leftovers of a traditional Alberta meal, such as a festive dinner at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, that included cabbage rolls. It’s a great modification of Souptacular’s Autumn Harvest soup. We just had to share it with you! (more…)

Secret SPECIAL: 4@$20 at Markets!

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Secret SPECIAL: 4@$20 at Markets!

We have some great news, and some news you MIGHT already know. First, we would like to announce our newest Souptacular Winner! Victoria A. has this comment for us:

WOW… I am thrilled to be the winner of this newsletter’s Souptacular draw. I have been using yours soups since you sold them at the Strathcona Market. I am having my first knee replacement on Wednesday, September 1st (tomorrow). Now I will be able to use the different soups I am choosing to make big batches of meals while I am recovering for at least the next couple of months. Nothing is better than making different meals of yours in my crockpot. They are a breeze to make and each one can have different veggies and meats that I enjoy eating. One of my favourites is adding extra grated carrots and leftover cooked chicken.

A huge thank you to everyone at Souptacular.

You are very welcome Victoria, and we hope your 6 free soups help you during recovery.

Our second news has been a semi-secret, known to all our regulars this summer. We have been offering our soups on SPECIAL for 4@$20 at both markets!


This special is still on, and runs until October 8. Come on down and stock up for winter, and for all your gift-giving needs!

Traditional Bean? or Chili – Recipe by Anne D., Airdrie, Alberta

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Traditional Bean? or Chili – Recipe by Anne D., Airdrie, Alberta

Chili – an easy variant of Souptacular’s Traditional Bean soup – has always been about easy, economical, and delicious western eating.  There are many different versions of chili, but they all share some similar characteristics:  chili recipes usually incorporate nutritious, economical ingredients such as beans, along with herbs and spices to improve the flavour. Ground beef is the usual protein added to the recipe, although you could add other meats if you have them on hand.  The final dish is usually thick enough to eat with a fork, but liquid enough to need some bread or a spoon as well. While Souptacular’s Traditional Bean soup is not spicy, you can add some heat by adding some chill powder, or a combination you prefer, as Soup-er Fan Anne suggests in her very hearty variation on the Traditional Bean soup.


Anne’s Traditional Bean? or Chili

I add a low sodium beef broth (3 cups) and the remainder, water. Cook on stove or I like it in the slow cooker. When it’s done, it looks like a thick stew or chili. I then add:

  • 1 can of kidney beans
  • 1 pound fried lean hamburger
  • 1 can diced tomatoes or salsa
  • 1 cup diced carrots and potatoes
  • 1 heaped tablespoon chili powder

Now you have enough chili to feed an army. Serve this on a cool day after school with some corn bread, or serve on a bed of rice topped with grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

If you have any left-overs, freeze in small single servings for easy, healthy lunches, or freeze larger portions in medium freezer bags for another meal.

If you have a great way to alter Souptacular soups, please write to us with your recipe! We will share your idea with other Soup-er Fans.


Pasta & Grains On The Trail

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Pasta & Grains On The Trail

Are your kids heading to summer school and or camp this week? Our son is on his way today, to Rocky Mountain House for the week! Luckily they prepare your food at this camp, but if they didn’t, I would be sneaking in a couple packages of Souptacular for the crew!

Pasta & Grains is another hit in the summer, because it only takes 10-15 minutes to cook! It includes a kick of healthy grains included for extra (hiking) energy!

Heres an interesting tip from one of our avid hiker friends, who uses Souptacular often…..


Pasta & Grains On The Trail

  1. When Using a portable bunsen burner, bring your water to a light boil.
  2. Add Souptaculars Pasta soup mix and stir.
  3. Put a tight lid on the pot and lightly boil for 8-10 minutes. Conserving butane/propane is important on trips in the back country.
  4. Turn off burner and let sit for an additional 5-8 minutes.
  5. Your soup will continue to cook without wasting addition butane or propane.
  6. Do not lift the lid until time is up and you are ready to dig in!

Yields enough for 4 people!
Lunch or dinner is served!

Wherever your summer takes you enjoy Souptacular, family, and a bit of a break!

Happy Trails!

Camping with Souptacular: Plan B!

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Camping with Souptacular: Plan B!

We recently headed out to Northern Alberta for our first camping/fishing trip of the season!  We went out fishing, and didn’t catch a thing, so here, we have our crockpot ready for Traditional Bean Soup (otherwise known as “plan B” for dinner.)


Campfire Blend

I used the traditional bean and poured the ingredients into my slow cooker and plugged it into the motorhome. Add 8 cups fresh water (Some tap water at campsites doesn’t taste very good – so test the water before using.) Cook according to directions.

Then add:

  • 2 hotdogs or smokies pre-cooked and cut into big chunks
  • 1/2 can brown beans
  • 1/2 can niblet corn
  • 1 package taco seasoning
  • 1 Tablespoon chili powder
  • 1/2 cup mild or medium salsa
  • Top with unsalted tortilla chips or nacho cheese tortilla chips (crushed)

No, we didn’t catch anything today, but a kind gentle-fisherman gave us two of his yesterday, since he was over his limit.  We had them for dinner last night… not quite as good as catching them yourself, but still a nice treat.

Ho hum….Think I’ll just stick to ‘soup makin.’
Have a Souptacular weekend!
And ALWAYS have a “PLAN B”


Maui Agriculture Festival: What We Can Learn From Local Markets Everywhere

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Maui Agriculture Festival: What We Can Learn From Local Markets Everywhere

Dear Soup-er Friends,

MauiCountiAgLogoI wanted to share a wonderful event that I was thrilled to experience. My family and I went to Maui this past spring for a family vacation.  While we were there, we were fortunate to attend, as visitors, the Maui County Ag Festival, an event showcasing many different Hawaiian local companies and their products.

We continue to be interested in LOCAL businesses and individuals that serve their local area, because they provide some of the freshest and best quality products… and ALSO because they reveal the true character – and flavours – of their community.  As the website explains:

On the first Saturday in April, Maui County Farm Bureau along with the farmers, ranchers and agricultural allies present the annual Maui County Agricultural Festival to share agriculture’s vital role in the economy, environment, and lifestyle of Maui.

Held on the lū‘au grounds of Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapū, this is Maui’s prime event to raise awareness about local agriculture on Maui.

IMG_7259 IMG_7258

It was a Hawaiian harvest of everything from tropical plants, an abundance of local fruits, banana jerky, sugar cane, maui (pineapple infused) wine, and even local beef was served up on a bun. These were all local companies that were open to chat about their products and happy to offer samples.

Agricultural events such as this offer a fantastic sneak peek into the lifestyle and culture of the area, their land and their food. Just look at some of these pictures!

IMG_7257 IMG_7256 IMG_7255 IMG_7254


There is a brochure explaining this event and the companies that make up Maui.


Local markets are a great way to learn about the immediate area and its residents… but also a fantastic opportunity to SHOW ourselves to the world!   Just think about our own markets in Alberta, and how much they also reveal about our culture, tastes, and lifestyles.  It’s a real eye-opener!

Saskatchewan Lentil Soup: We are in Regina!

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Saskatchewan Lentil Soup: We are in Regina!

As our die-hard customers know, Souptacular is available in the Local Foods sections of most Save-On Foods in Alberta. However, this is a first for us: Souptacular has leaped over the border, and is now also available in Save-On Foods in Regina, Saskatchewan!

You can find us in the Local Foods section at 4520 Albert Street South.

We are thrilled to be here, in part because our lentils and peas actually come from Saskatchewan. In a sense, Souptacular has found its way back home! 🙂

If you are looking for a proper Saskatchewan lentil soup, look no further than your Local Foods section in Save-On Foods. Our Lentil Lovers has the most lentils, of course, but most our soups contain some of this nutritious and satisfying pulse. Just look for the bright orange in the soup mix. That’s how you can recognize that fresh LOCALLY farmed ingredient.

The split peas in our Split Pea and Peas and Barley soups are also farmed in Saskatchewan, and you can see their pretty yellow or green colours in the soup mixes too. They cook into a creamy soup base that is hearty and delicious – so satisfying, and almost no effort to cook.

Our son Ryley was able to take a picture of our display on his travels… and we couldn’t be more proud!


Let your local grocery store know that you have Souptacular on your shopping list. You never know what might happen!

Supporting Pulses in Alberta!

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Supporting Pulses in Alberta!

As I’m sure you know, 2016 is the International Year of Pulses! Pulses include field peas, dry beans, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans and soybeans – and many of those can be found in each Souptacular soup.


On April 20, Alberta Pulse Growers and retail representatives of pulse consumer products attended an event recognizing 2016 as the International Year of Pulses at the Alberta Legislature. We were pleased to be able to present samples of our product to Alberta MLAs and others in the lower Legislature rotunda. We were in good company with No Nuts Pea Butter from Mountain Meadows and gluten-free baked goods from Kinnikvnnick Foods, who each use Alberta pulses to create their fantastic products. Read more about the event on the Alberta Pulse official website.

photo 5photo 30Supporter of Alberta Pulses

The goal of Alberta Pulse Growers (and Souptacular!) is to raise awareness of pulses as environmentally friendly, healthy, nutritious – AND DELICIOUS – food products that are easy and beneficial for the consumer. We also want you to know that Souptacular sources pulses as ingredients wherever we possibly can, making our soups truly LOCAL!

I know… we sure get excited about beans! 🙂

NEW Pasta & Grains Chicken Noodle Soup!

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NEW Pasta & Grains Chicken Noodle Soup!

Souptacular is pleased to offer this new product to our tables at the Old Strathcona and St. Albert Outdoor Farmer’s Markets! You can make an ULTIMATE Chicken Noodle soup by adding your own cooked chicken to this delicious noodle soup.

What we say:

Souptacular chefs snuck in a mix of quality pasta and extra power grains for that nutritious kick! Ultimate homemade experience!

What we recommend:

Add the contents of the bag to 8-10 cups of boiling water or low sodium stock. Try using chicken stock and adding your own cooked chicken, cut into small pieces! Gently boil for 10-15 minutes. This soup is also great with cooked turkey, fried ground beef, or tomato salsa.



Customer Appreciation Month

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Customer Appreciation Month

March is Customer Appreciation Month, and we are always excited to let you, our customers know how much we value YOU!

Basket Give-Away

Since it’s also Spring, and Easter is approaching, we have a special Easter basket giveaway going on this month (March 1 – March 23). You can enter this giveaway by sharing the post on Facebook (for one entry), and by entering the ballot box at Strathcona Market during the month (for another entry per market visit).  You can get 3 entries if you visit us on March 5th, March 12th, and March 19th! 🙂


Basket contains:

  • 2 Souptacular Autumn Harvest
  • 1 Souptacular Traditional Bean
  • 1 Souptacular Tandoori Hot Pot
  • Betty crocker ladel
  • Whisk
  • Bisquick buttermilk biscuits
  • Baguette crackers
  • Cadbury  chocolate bunny
  • Italian centre chocolate lamb
  • Ceramic soup mug

Basket contents valued at $50.00

This is our way of saying THANK YOU! We value all our wonderful customers who give us feedback on their soup-creating experiences, tell us about their Soup-er discoveries, and share their recipe ideas with the Soup-er Fan base.

The winner will be contacted either through Facebook or by phone, so don’t forget to leave accurate contact information. Winner must pick the basket up at the Strathcona Farmer’s Market on March 26th, or make arrangements to pick up on another market date, or contact us to make arrangements for shipping. Shipping costs are not included with the basket.

Online Offer

In addition, we have a special Online Coupon for this month only, March 1 – March 23:

12 Soups My Way!

Type the Coupon Code 12soupsinmarch at checkout, and

We Pay The Handling Fee! (Value $8.50!)

So head on over to our online shop, select a dozen of your favourite flavours, and get a great deal on shipping!

Thanks again for being such wonderful fans of our soup products.