Souptacular has been SOUP-ing Alberta since 2001!

Maureen and Al started Souptacular in the basement of their St. Albert home back in 2001 – at the same time as they were growing a family of three busy boys!  Al had a NAIT cooking degree, and Maureen shared a love for cooking nurtured by her mother’s interest in nutrition. These – and lots of beans! – are some of the secret ingredients to Souptacular.

After lots of experimentation and development, Souptacular was ready for the St. Albert Farmer’s Market, the largest open street market in Western Canada. Al fine-tuned the recipes and added flavours based on direct feedback from customers. As a result, Souptacular’s menu appeals to a wide cross-section of soup lovers, from college students and bachelors who just add water, to the “soup chefs,” who add different meats and veggies to individualize their soups.

Al and Maureen applied to the Old Strathcona Market in late 2001, and were thrilled to be accepted. There was no similar product, and with the signature bay leaf in front of the soup pouch, the Souptacular brand was created.

Souptacular is most proud that they are able to create their recipes using ingredients sourced locally, from small farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  When you buy Souptacular, you are supporting a truly local enterprise!  Old Strathcona customers seem to love Autumn Harvest and Traditional Bean, which are both made from local produce. The most recent flavor creation, Tandoori Hot Pot, is quickly becoming a customer favorite as well!

Souptacular is proud to promote the Old Strathcona Market – it is an integral store front where they have the opportunity to meet their customers in person. In addition, over the years, Souptacular has acquired valued business and personal connections at the market. Many marketers, including Souptacular, cross-promote with other vendors.  It’s a great way to help customers experience the fun and energy of this wonderful marketplace!

Through the last few years, Souptacular has gone from strength to strength. Everyone loves our fast, healthy and delicious soups! As a thriving family business that supports localproducers, Souptacular looks forward to meeting you at the Old Strathcona Market. Getting to know all of you: that’s the ‘crackers in the soup’ for Souptacular!