It's not just soup… it's an experience!

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Souptacular! - Souping Alberta since 2001!

St. Albert Farmer's Market Saturdays June 10 - October 7 10am-3pm | Co-Op! | Save-On! | Italian Centres!

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Need Soup? Just Ask!

Posted on Sep 11 by

We want to be close to you! Do you have a favourite grocery store, bakery or deli in your neighbourhood that may like a product such as Souptacular on their shelves? We are doing...


Real-Life Instapot Adventures

Posted on Sep 7 by

Our customers are having a great time with their Instapots and Souptacular, so we just had to share these great stories! And don’t forget, Souptacular works great in the...


Back To School Routine with Soup

Posted on Sep 5 by

Souptacular loves kids in the kitchen! Here is one of many of our smallest ‘Souptacular chefs’ cooking the ‘Traditional Bean’ soup. Souptacular is a...